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About Lismore Office Relocations

Our objective at Lismore Office Relocations is to relocate your business as efficiently as possible whilst minimising any interference in your day to day work schedule.Commercial relocations require skilful training that comes only from experience. It is our knowledge and dedication to client satisfaction that makes Lismore Office Relocations the best choice for your next relocation and moving needs.


Site inspections

To determine the best possible relocation for our clients we will need to conduct an onsite inspection of your current premises.Once onsite we will then be able to determine if there is adequate access to the building you are moving out of and also the new building you are moving into.

When we have completed the site inspection we will then know of any obstacles or special requirements related to your relocation. We can then plan your relocation on first hand knowledge of the site as well as view what items may need to be DTR ( disassemble transported reassembled ) and what packing requirements you may need.


IT Relocations

Out team here at Lismore Office Relocations are acutely aware that the most important component and the centre of every business is the IT equipment, we will work closely with your IT department to determine the best possible way to relocate your most important equipment.


Internal Relocations

It is quite common for our clients to ask us to relocate staff within the same building or sometimes within the same floor, Lismore Office Relocations are happy to help make this as seamless as possible without disturbing other staff members.


DTR ( Disassemble Transport Reassemble )

Lismore Office Relocations are fully prepared with the right tools and know how to DTR your office if and when required.


E-Waste Removal

Lismore Office Relocations can provide an e-waste collection and recycling service -all unwanted electrical items can be taken to e-waste centres for proper disposal.


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