Welcome to Lismore Removals local moving service, Lismore Removals is number one for service in the Northern Rivers Region, we guarantee to deliver on all our advertising statements, with 30 years experience in the Furniture Removals Industry new and existing clients can expect the same prompt and efficient service every time you choose to move with Lismore Removals.

Lismore Removals are number one for service, whether you are moving a single item our your entire home please contact Lismore Removals for your free quote or advice. Lismore Removals will ensure you receive the quality of service you deserve.

Don't forget to visit the Lismore Removals Moving Tips page for very important moving tips and tricks. 



Lismore Removals can offer three ways to obtain a quote for your next relocation.

1. Lismore Removals can call out to your home at a convenient time to carry out an in person site inspection of your residence, this will allow us to see first hand if there are any special requirements related to your relocation as well as checking the volume of your move and will also allow us to determine the amount of removal boxes you may need. 

Lismore Removals can then plan your relocation on first hand knowledge of the site as well as view what items may need to be DTR ( disassemble - transported - reassembled ) and what packing requirements you may need.

2. Lismore Removals online quotes - are the fastest most efficient way to obtain a quote, please click on the GET A QUOTE TAB found on Lismore Removals Home page, this will then take you to Lismore Removals online quote form which has a complete list of items you would find in a house or unit, ( please use numbers only to list items ).

If there are any items you have that are not on Lismore Removals quote form please scroll down to the bottom of the form, there you will find a box you can list additional items.

3. Lismore Removals are happy to supply you a quote over the phone by writing the list of items down for you ( provided the list is not incredibly long ) otherwise it may be quicker to email the list to Lismore Removals, you can do this by visiting the Lismore Removals home page and clicking on the ASK A QUESTION TAB.


There are many factors to consider and every removal is different, Lismore Removals professional local Removals experts will need to know where the removal is from and too, what the access is like at the uplift and delivery address, exactly what items need to be moved, be able to give a proper estimate.

For local Lismore Removals, it is normal for an hourly rate to be charged, rather than a formal quote, hourly rates are often the most cost effective way to move as apposed to a formal quote, as possible complications do not need to be factored in. Whether you wish to have a formal quote or use an hourly rate, this needs to be discussed with Lismore Removals well in advanced prior to removal day. 

We are also happy to answer any questions you may have relating to your upcoming relocation by telephone 02 6621 2155 or via email, ( please click on the ASK A QUESTION TAB ) found on Lismore Removals Home page.

Lismore Removals can also provide you supply you with a price guide over the phone if you like... which can be helpful if you are just starting to think about your upcoming move and want to get some idea on pricing so you can plan for this in your moving budget, please call Lismore Removals today on 02 6621 2155  for our expert advise.





Lismore Removals can offer a complete first class packing service for all or part of your hosehold and personal effects, wrapping and packing your valued possessions safely into boxes... if you are too busy to pack yourselves.

Whether you require a complete pack of your entire home or you may just need the kitchen and fragile ornaments professionally packed, if you have any other special requirements we can customise our service for your unique relocation.

Please call Lismore Removals today for more information or free advise on 02 6621 2155.




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